Italy Just Unveiled Its New National Airline

The new airline will replace Alitalia.

Just a day after Alitalia ended operations and declared bankruptcy, a new national Italian airline was launched. ITA Airways promises to be "centopercento Italiano" (100% Italian) with top-tier service and the kind of high-quality experience most often associated with the food and clothing from the nation.

All of the planes will be painted a soft blue, matching the national sports teams' uniforms, and the airline is working toward flight attendants wearing uniforms designed by the country's top fashion houses. Italian firms will design the lounges, and Italian companies will make the transport vehicles.

"We have been born as a new Italian brand, and we have chosen to work only with Italian companies," Alfredo Altavilla, the president of ITA Airways, told CNN. "Our vision is to use globally important Italian brands. It's our wish, but we're already talking with big brands."

The national airline also has the goal of using new airplanes starting in 2022, with the objective of having 70% of its fleet comprised of new aircraft by 2025. With an eye toward an upscale experience, Altavilla said he's not too worried about competing against the budget airlines that are so popular. "We are running different businesses. I fly people and they fly battery chicken farms," he told CNN.

That's an incredibly accurate way to describe how it feels to fly on a flight that cost €37 roundtrip, not gonna lie. The airline won't just be servicing Italians and Europeans, either. You'll be able to book flights from Rome to New York starting on November 4.

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