Jeff Bezos Is Building a Home Whiskey Cellar Bigger Than Your Apartment

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and America’s richest person, is renovating his Washington, D.C. home and adding an entire cellar dedicated to whiskey. He’s also building a walk-in wine room, a ballroom with a bar, a garden room and a rooftop garden. And why not? He has the space, and the good stuff deserves attention.

The four-story home, which was the former Textile Museum, was the biggest D.C. home even before the $12 million renovation and expansion. The whiskey and wine cellar additions will be on the lower level, which the Washingtonian writes is the main living quarters. Not a bad way to live. We’re not sure what type of whiskey Bezos is a fan of, but it’s clear he’s a fan of a lot of it. The whiskey room is more than three times as big as the wine room and about the same size as the entire kitchen, according to floor plans obtained by the Washingtonian.

Bezos’ house transformation is just as impressive as his personal transformation. While there’s definitely plenty of room for actual living in the house, it’s essentially one giant classy party mansion. He’s neighbors with the Obamas, so he has important potential guests nearby. When you’re worth $127 billion, you can basically do whatever you want, and who wouldn’t want a giant whiskey cellar and an attached wine cellar with a ballroom and multiple home bars (plus 25 bathrooms)? We have some pricey whiskey suggestions Mr. Bezos might enjoy if he wants to have us over to help stock his cellar.