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There’s a J.K. Rowling Pub in Scotland

Attention all fans of magic and Hogwarts: J.K. Rowling, the woman behind Harry Potter, officially has a pub named after her in Edinburgh, Scotland. And while you might not be able to get authentic butterbeer, you surely can get Rowling’s drink of choice, the G&T.

The pub is normally the Conan Doyle, which is themed after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Rowling’s takeover is part of the city’s New Year Hogmanay celebration, when people gather to celebrate Scotland’s rich literary history from January 1 through 25.

The Conan Doyle’s old hanging wooden sign with the likeness of Doyle and Sherlock has been replaced with one of Rowling sitting at a table with food and a notebook. The gold lettering on the front now reads “The J.K. Rowling.” Inside, however, it’s more traditional Scottish pub than modern day Leaky Cauldron. Potter fans who want to worship at the altar of the author better hurry though, because the pub turns back into the Conan Doyle on January 26.

Doyle fans and pub regulars weren’t exactly pleased with the change, according to Metro UK. Rowling wrote much of the Potter books at The Elephant House a few miles away, and Doyle has been a figure in Scotland’s writing history for more than a century. Which, fine. People will always resist change. But in context it all makes sense.

This year, the Hogmanay celebration is championing women writers, and Rowling is one of the many being featured. Plus, Rowling and Doyle aren’t all that different in terms of fan appreciation.

“Conan Doyle attracted crowds queuing up to get the next installment of Sherlock Holmes,” a spokesperson for the event told Metro UK. “Today J.K. Rowling has had Harry Potter fans queuing outside book shops for his next adventure.”

Time to book a flight Potterheads.