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Johnny Depp Stars In Insane Japanese Beer Commercial

Considering his jealousy-inducing home bar and absurd monthly wine budget, it’s clear that Johnny Depp knows a thing or two about booze. So it’s no surprise that Japanese beer company Asahi would want him to star in their new ad campaign for their Super Dry beer—but we are a little surprised they got him to agree to such a ridiculous premise.  

In the ad, Johnny Depp (dressed in what can only be described as Jack Sparrow casual) and Japanese musician Fukuyama Masaharu engage in a rooftop guitar shredding battle, surrounded by “manly” things like a falcon and a helicopter for no apparent reason. After completing their battle, which seems to be just as much about hair-flipping and making intense guitar playing faces as it is about playing guitar, the men engage in a bro hug. Depp says, “respect brother,” to Fukuyama, and the two crack open cans of Asahi Super Dry.

The video also features a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the commercial, during which Depp and Fukuyama bro out over their guitars and do different takes of cheersing with the beers.

Depp joins a long line of stars making weird ads internationally for liquor products, like Leonardo DiCaprio’s bizarre Jim Beam spots in Japan and John Travolta’s cringe-worthy Cachaça Ypióca ads in Brazil, which, thanks to the internet, can live on forever.