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Here’s What Happens When Justin Bieber Drinks Rosé

After countless stories of celebs getting sloppy and belligerent after a visit to the bar, Justin Bieber (of all people) has discovered the secret to joyful intoxication: rosé. The pop star recently drank half a bottle of summer’s official good-time beverage and began hugging random strangers, telling recipients that “hugs are better than photos.”

According to The Drinks Business, Bieber was visiting Wolffer Estate Vineyard in the Hamptons, downing the brand’s Summer in a Bottle Rosé, when the urge for physical intimacy struck. Despite his cheerful denunciation of paparazzi, he expressed his love for the media in a way, congratulating CNN reporter Chloe Melas on her pregnancy. Much as she appreciated the sentiment, Melas apparently did not take Bieber’s point on photos vis-a-vis hugs, and snapped a quick pic of the scene.

While Bieber is not the first man to embrace brosé, his hugging spree may well boost the rosé phenomenon in the Hamptons (not that it needed any help there) and poolsides across the nation. We can only imagine the jolly carnage that would have crashed over the Hamptons if Bieber had got his hands on a rosé 40.