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KFC Made Three Gravy-Based Cocktails

Kentucky Fried Chicken is bringing the best part of its mashed potatoes and gravy (hint: not the potatoes) to the cocktails scene. On Jan. 14, the UK and Ireland marketing team for KFC released a YouTube video with the simple description of, “if you like gravy so much you could drink it, try one of these KFC gravy cocktail recipes.”

Before asking yourself why, consider asking why not? We already live in a world with KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen, KFC scented candles and KFC clothing. Gravy cocktails aren’t just an absurdist marketing stunt, they’re seasonally appropriate and (maybe?) delicious.

“An old bartender once told me a good drink needs good liquor, while I told him that a great drink needs gravy,” a voiceover in the video states before a bartender executes an arching pour from a sauce boat. “Gravy cocktails. Gravy so good you can drink it.”

Each of the three cocktail videos are shot in a top-down style designed for viral consumption. They give gravy cocktails the gravitas of fine dining. There’s the Finger Lickin’ Sour made with gravy, mezcal, cherry liqueur and egg white. Then there’s the Southern Twist made with Kentucky bourbon, gravy and brown sugar, which sounds like a warm meal minus the solids. Finally, there’s the Gravy Mary, a Bloody Mary twist with a popcorn chicken garnish that seems like the most natural cocktail in the series.

KFC might be onto something here. Lukewarm gravy and alcohol sounds about as unappetizing as cheese tea, but it deserves a chance. The Supercall team tried warm gravy-back shots with Wild Turkey during the holiday season and let out a collective sigh of pleasant surprise. Supercall also has a gravy cocktail of its own. So who’s to say full-on KFC cocktails should be written off before a taste test? Really, the only downside is the disclaimer on the bottom of the video stating that “cocktails are recipe suggestions only and not available in store.”

You can still give the drinks a shot by checking out the recipe videos. Or don’t, but there’s a chance that you may be missing out on the best thing since the Sanders poutine.