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This Magical Button Sends You to the Pub

Sorry, Staples, but this button has your little Easy button beat.

Kozel, a Czech beer brand, is awarding a limited supply of “Tap Out buttons” to a select few British contest winners. The buttons are programmed to call a taxi, which will take the button pusher to the nearest pub, where there will be two pints of Kozel waiting. Each button will grant the winner three “pushes”—like a magical, boozy genie—for a total of three rides and six pints.

“The Kozel Tap Out button is your ultimate shortcut to good times, getting you and your friend to the pub in comfort and style,” Chris McLardie, brand director for Kozel, told The Drinks Business. “Push the button and you could be enjoying a delicious Kozel in minutes. No stress, no fuss, just fun.”

Want to score a button? All you have to do is tag a friend in a tweet (presumably a buddy you’d like to share a couple of pints with) and include the hashtag #PushForPub (you must be of legal U.K. drinking age, of course).

No word as to the exact number of buttons that will go out, but we do know that the brand plans to roll them out in greater numbers if the campaign is successful.

The competition is already underway, and buttons expire after July 21. So, if you’re in the U.K., get to tweeting! Because, let’s face it: After Brexit, you guys need this button more than ever.  

Check out @Kozel_UK for more info.