Lady Gaga Is Going to Make Wine

While the nation gasped as Lady Gaga jumped off the roof of NRG Stadium during the Super Bowl halftime show, the singer was simultaneously making another jump—into the wine business with the launch of the Grigio Girls wine brand. While details remain sparse, it’s safe to assume the brand will be offering Pinot Grigio, if nothing else, though paperwork filed for the business indicates that wine coolers, cocktails and punches are also possibilities.

The business draws its name and inspiration from “Grigio Girls,” a bonus track on the singer’s 2016 album, Joanne. The song, a tribute to a friend of Gaga’s who has cancer, describes bonding with girlfriends over a bottle and a good cry.

Grigio Girls realizes Gaga’s longstanding interest in the wine world. As The Drinks Business points out, she came out as an oenophile back in 2012 when she considered buying vineyard-friendly property in Sonoma County, CA, and expressed similar desires again recently while touring Europe. This initial foray may be just the beginning for Gaga, as she’s tossed around the idea of winemaking as a second career after her singing days are over.

We can’t wait to see how she reinvents the wine business as she has the music business. Meat bottles? Grapes that emerge from eggs? Bleeding corks? Whatever she has planned, we’re in.