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These Cupcakes Are Made of Sushi and Wonton Shells

At Jaburritos, a sushi burrito restaurant on the LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas, the cupcakes feature no sprinkles, frosting, or chocolate. Actually, they're not even made of cake.

Instead, the Las Vegas restaurant serves what it calls sushi cupcakes. Owner Ken Aoki was looking for a "fun new way to enjoy bite-sized sushi" when he came up with the unlikely combination.

"It was a challenge to execute the idea," he tells Thrillist. "We had to go through a lot of different procedures and a lot of different ideas but at the end we finalized by picking the right ingredients, the right wonton shell and textures and different flavors."

They settled on a process that starts with a fried wonton base, which splays out in yellow petals around the sushi and the festively colored cupcake wrappers. The shell is then filled with a ball of rice that simulates the base of the cupcake. In place of sweet frosting, they scoop in sushi classics like salmon, crab, and spicy tuna. Finally, on top of all the fish and rice, they drop toppings like spicy mayo, eel sauce, Sriracha, cream cheese, and guac.

It may not be sprinkles and chocolate, but the whole package is as colorful and convenient as it is delicious. It may seem strange at first, but you'll just have to grab a box of four for $12 for yourself.

"People are confused when they hear the words together," says Aoki. "But when they see it, it all makes sense."

Check out the video above to see how this cupcake is making sushi more convenient and beautiful than ever.

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James Chrisman is a Copy Editor at Thrillist who is neither sushi nor cupcake. Follow him @james_chrisman2.