Lava Lamp Cocktails Are the Coolest Cocktail Trend Yet

We can all agree that lava lamps went out of style the second you left fifth grade, but a couple of Australian bartenders are making an argument for lava lamp cocktails. And we’re convinced. Because unlike our old lava lamps, which congealed long, long ago, these cocktails move and ooze. Some even glow in the dark—oh, and also there’s alcohol in them, which is always a plus.

At Swannie’s in Queensland, owner Shane Finnegan has created the bubbling Lava Lamp Cocktail. Made with gelatin, vodka, apple juice and peach schnapps, the key ingredient is a Berocca tablet (an effervescent vitamin tablet). The bubbles from the tablet move the gelatin globules around the glass, making the drink look like a fully functional lava lamp. And, according to the Daily Mail, the tablet also helps prevent hangovers. Finnegan describes the drink as tasting like a “peach and apple iced tea,” and claims that you can drink this cocktail all night and wake up hangover free. “It’s rehydrating your body,” he told reporters.

Meanwhile, at ViscoSity, a science themed bar in Queensland, bartender Kinsey Johnson has earned a dedicated Instagram following of over 30,000 with his trippy, glow-in-the-dark creations. Drinks include things like the UFO Shooter, which contains a spaceship made out of edible gel, and the undulating peach, strawberry and apple-flavored Fruit Bomb. Kinsey even makes a shooter that looks like a Rubik’s Cube. The most amazing thing is that Kinsey is completely self-taught. So, in theory, you could totally learn to make these insane cocktails at home. We recommend leaving it to the professionals, though.