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New Cannabis Cocktail Mixer Makes Happy Hour Extra Happy

It seems like there’s a new advancement in the cannabis world every week and now those advancements are creeping into the cocktail world. Seattle-based cannabis beverage company Le Herbe just announced their newest product: Batch #55, a non-alcoholic marijuana-infused cocktail mixer. This is the first in a series of marijuana-infused mixers the company plans on releasing, which will join their current lineup of THC-spiked tea, coffee and coconut water.

Batch #55 is a blend of smoked citrus fruits, cloves, cardamom and maple water, which can be drank solo or mixed with spirits like dark rum or bourbon. The mixer will be offered in a range of potencies from a 10 milligram dose (the suggested amount for weed laypeople) to 50 milligrams of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (meant only for the true cannabis connoisseurs). Le Herbe is hoping its mixers will catch on with both professional and amateur mixologists.

“Instead of creating cannabis clubs that allow smoking or vaping, we think it would be much easier to utilize the 650,000-plus restaurants in the U.S. and just add cannabis beverages to the menu,” Marc LaRoche, CEO of Le Herbe, said in a press release.

Batch #55 will be available in high-end dispensaries in legalized states nationwide, with varying retail prices depending on location and the current cost of cannabis oil. You can check out the rest of their product line at