Fake Leonardo DiCaprio Sells Real Vodka

Flickr/Neo II

Everyone’s favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Doppleganger is stealing the spotlight once again—and this time he has vodka. The Russian Leo lookalike (whose actual name is Roman Burtsev) scored a starring role in a commercial for Russian Vodka brand Pyat Ozer.

Burtsev is a Moscow-based emergency services officer who happens to look like Leonardo DiCaprio (if somewhat less dreamy and a lot more rotund).

The ad opens with pseudo-Leo looking into a rearview mirror, to which a picture of the real Leo is attached. “One day you realize your life is but a fake,” the voiceover narrates (in Russian). The ad takes the statement quite literally, showing our fake Leo driving his fake BMW, while wearing a fake Adidas track suit. In the end Burtsev abandons his fake girlfriend and fake life in favor of a sunset rowboat ride with his trusty bottle of vodka in hand. It’s very moving.

Of course, Mr. Burtsev isn’t the only DeCaprio duplicate capitalizing on his looks. Meet Konrad Annerud, a Swedish bartender, who now has garnered over 150,000 Instagram followers by replicating some of the actor’s iconic, 90s poses.

All this has us wondering which of our staff members has a celebrity doppelganger, so we can cash in on their 15 minutes of fame—and maybe score some free vodka in the process.