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You Can Finally Register for the Wedding Gift You Actually Want: Booze

Putting together a registry is one of most fun parts of getting married—but once the big day is over, couples often find they’ve accumulated a lot of things they probably won’t ever use. We’re looking at you, $50 chip‘n’dip. But now, thanks to ThirstyNest, couples can finally get the gifts they really want: bottles of booze.

Launched in January with Wine Enthusiast, ThirstyNest allows couples to register for everything from inexpensive, everyday rosé to rare and pricey whiskies like the Hibiki 17-Year-Old. The site also makes it easy to register for the accessories you’ll need to store bottles (like this drool-worthy bar cart), mix drinks and serve guests. Instead of hacking together a selection from different sites, ThirstyNest makes it comparatively simple to build an entertainment arsenal.

“Finally, you can register for gifts you won’t have to lie about enjoying,” ThirstyNest founder Jacqueline Strum wrote on the site’s blog, adding that the idea for ThirstyNest came to her when she was putting together her own registry last year. “The only things we wanted more of were consumables (read: food and booze), experiences, some upgraded housewares and a few entertaining items to prove to our friends that we were—in fact—married grown ups.”

Though booze may not be an ideal gift for all soon-to-be-married couples, Strum says it’s a great option for couples who already have the home essentials: “Our team of beverage experts and hospitality influencers will help you curate a boss registry that actually makes sense for the modern newlywed household.”

Goodbye melon ballers and cupcake caddies. Hello fancy Manhattans made with Lock, Stock & Barrel 16-Year-Old Straight Rye.