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Best Office Ever Has “Press for Champagne” Buttons

Press button. Receive Champagne. Repeat ad infinitum.

In what is either a delicious human psychology test or the ultimate office perk, a new office building in London’s Soho will provide deskside Champagne delivery to employees at the press of a button.

The high end project at 40 Beak Street, set to house Enstar Capital and open in March 2018, will sit atop an outpost of sushi mini-chain Sticks’n’Sushi. According to The Drinks Business, the restaurant will ferry bottles of sparkling wine up to office workers in “waiterstyle lifts,” so visitors to the building won’t have to ride up on an elevator overstuffed with bottles upon bottles of bubbly.

Two London restaurants are responsible for inspiring this genius concept. Elsewhere in Soho, the glamorous restaurant Bob Bob Ricard fits tables with similar buttons, while over in Mayfair, French bistro La Petite Maisonserves Champagne with three-course meals to employees of another Enstar Capital building.

While the logistics of Champagne on demand build on these precedents, it remains a mystery how any company expects employees at the new Soho office to get any work done with Champagne just a button press away. Maybe they’ll be too enthralled by the luxe decor—likely to rival the Mayfair location, which features gold-plated bathrooms and imported wood flooring taken from a 16th-century Tuscan monastery—to even notice the Champagne buttons strewn throughout the office. Or maybe they, like us, will just give in and press those buttons like they’re tapping out an S.O.S. message: Send Over Suds.