This Drone Video Will Remind You Why You Fell in Love With LA

Published On 08/18/2015 Published On 08/18/2015
Ian Wood

Sometimes, when traffic is really bad, or you park in the wrong place because the parking signs are confusing, or you have to go watch your friend Tim do standup AGAIN, you question why you ever chose to live in LA in the first place.

But this stunning new aerial video, shot by filmmaker Ian Wood, will make you instantly forget about all of that. In just six minutes, Wood's drone camera flies all over LA, capturing countless landmarks -- from the iconic Hollywood sign and Griffith Park, to the underrated yet extraordinary murals and graffiti found around the city. He also provided this map, showing all of the locations featured in the video. 

Wood notes that there are some notable landmarks missing (for instance, the LAX Theme Building and the Gettys), but there's still a shocking amount packed into this short, beautiful video.

Can you recognize every spot?

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