Martha Stewart Parties Hard in Her New Show With Snoop Dogg

If you were worried about mild-mannered Martha Stewart’s ability to keep up with her co-host, Snoop Dogg, in their new show Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner, fear not. A recently posted teaser clip proves that Martha can booze with the best of them.

In the footage, Martha refills her glass and Snoop calls her out saying, “Martha has been drinking a little bit tonight.” With a co-host like Snoop and guests like Seth Rogan and Wiz Khalifa, the show will inevitably involve some quality imbibing, and we’re happy to see the official hostess with the mostess joining in on the fun.

Martha’s drinking isn’t the only highlight from the new footage. In the clips, Martha cracks puns about getting fried as she dips chicken legs into a deep frier, Wiz Khalifa brings a bag overflowing with herbs he calls “extra seasoning,” Martha feeds Rick Ross, and the hosts toast with studded, monogrammed goblets. Simply put, we can’t wait for the show to premiere on November 7. We’re counting on the duo’s sure-to-be-brilliant party tips to get us through the holiday season.