The Weird Way McDonald's Handles Drunk Customers

All around the world, as the bars empty out at 2 a.m., weary drinkers seek out greasy food to sop up the alcohol in their stomachs. Inevitably, this search leads to one place: McDonald’s. Though the golden arches successfully beckon all to fulfill their wildest drunchie desires, the burger chain isn’t exactly thrilled with the raucous clientele they sometimes receive late at night. After one too many acts of late-night fighting, vandalism and general tomfoolery, Mickey D’s has started classing up the joint with classical music in an effort to make patrons behave themselves.

Locations in Scotland, England and Australia began experimenting with classical music several years ago, piping tunes like “Ode to Joy” into the eating area in an attempt to soothe the savage drunken beasts chowing down on Big Macs. If this seems like an extreme reaction, Grub Street points out that late-night McDonald’s customers do pose a legitimate threat, as made clear by eaters armed with fire extinguishers and metal chairs.

Avoiding a Mac attack with some classy vibes seems pretty reasonable to us, but if the Beethoven starts to get a little old, we have plenty of other songs that go over great with the bar crowd. Could we get a little Taylor Swift with our McFlurry, please?