McDonald's Is Going Up Against Dunkin' with New Pull-Apart Donuts

McDonald's is expanding its breakfast offerings with donuts.

McDonald's glaze pull apart donut
Photo courtesy of McDonald's

It's kind of amazing that we've all agreed that donuts are breakfast food. It's just cake. Sometimes it's even more sugary than a slice of cake. But we've all decided that it's a main breakfast course. 

As long as we're all still agreeing that it's okay to eat cake covered in frosting and candy for breakfast, you might be interested to know that you can now grab some breakfast-dessert through the McDonald's drive-thru window. Starting September 1, McDonald's is adding Glazed Pull Apart Donuts to its McCafé Bakery lineup. That Bakery roster also includes the chain's Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll. Look out, Dunkin'. 

The donut can be torn apart into bite-size donut holes. It's all coated in a sweet glaze and looks like it probably tastes nice with a coffee. 

Like McRibs and other limited-edition menu items before it, the Glazed Pull Apart Donut is on menus for just a little while and is only at participating restaurants. You'll want to be sure you're going to the nice McDonald's in town. (With nice being defined as the one that has donuts.) Though, unlike the McRib, there's no guarantee that the donut will hit menus again at some point in the future once it's gone. 

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