Menagerie Bar Opens in Manchester, UK, Promotes Conspicuous Consumption

We like our bars simple. If we order a cocktail, we want it to arrive in as straightforward a fashion as possible. The new clubsturaunt Menagerie, opening today in Manchester, is anything but simple. If you thought today’s fancy cocktail bars were too much, Menagerie is a stretch Rolls Royce piloted by Kanye West and the cast of Mob Wives jumping through a ring of fire off a cliff into Liberace’s swimming pool, which, for the occasion, has been filled with caviar. We’re grateful the Atlantic Ocean separates us from this monstrosity.

Dancing women will apparently parade through the 7,500 square foot space, which features a bathtub for clothing optional champagne bathing. The bar’s centerpiece is a chandelier designed for women to dangle from it while pouring champagne. On the menu is a cocktail garnished with a flaming 20 pound note (it’s a fake, but still). We were under the impression that this kind of conspicuous consumption went out of fashion in the ‘80s.

If Donald Trump and Brexit were the first two horsemen of the apocalypse (War and Famine), then Menagerie is Pestilence, visiting upon us a plague of douches. At this point, we can only hope Death hurries it up a little to fill out the foursome.

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