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Cannabis Goes the Way of Cognac with Appellations

Good news, weed snobs. Soon you’ll be able to not only rattle off your favorite strains but also your favorite grow regions. Cannabis is getting its own designated appellations, starting with Mendocino County on California’s North Coast. Led by the Mendocino Appellations Project, the development was born from a piece of legislation passed last October that redefined cannabis farming as agriculture.

Much like seeing “Cognac” on a bottle of brandy or “Sonoma Valley” on a Pinot Noir, this designation will help smokers/eaters/vapers know the exact origins of their cannabis. It will also help enforce regulations. Similar to laws put in place to protect California’s wine regions, the “Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act charges the Department of Food and Agriculture with creating state licensing requirements and addressing environmental concerns,” according to Wine Enthusiast. It also makes it a crime to slap a Cali label on cannabis that wasn’t actually grown there.

Although not set in stone, the proposed regions are Spyrock-Bell Springs, Covelo-Dos Rios, Long Valley-Branscomb-Leggett, Willits, Comptche, Ukiah Valley, North Mendocino Coast, South Mendocino Coast, Anderson Valley South Mendocino, Potter Valley and Mountainhouse South Mendocino County. With the weed world modeling itself so closely after the wine world, it seems like Mendocino is set to become the pot equivalent of Napa Valley. Weed tasting rooms, here we come.