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Mermaid Tears Vodka Proves Even Booze Is Better Under Da Sea


Firebox, the leading purveyor of mythical creatures’ tears-infused spirits, has a new offering: Mermaid Tears Vodka.

The follow-up to Unicorn Tears and Phoenix Tears, Mermaid Tears is a sparkly, pale blue vodka made from French grain and, according to Firebox, mermaid tears harvested from “line-caught mermaids”—British ones to be precise. Per the site, it’s the tears that give the vodka its glittery sheen.

At a little over $50, the price is slightly steep for a regular bottle of vodka—but it’s pretty reasonable if you consider the actual, real, seriously-not-a-joke mermaid tears that go into the mix. And we have no choice but to take the website at its word as there is no obvious disclaimer anywhere to be seen.

So the takeaways are: Mermaids are real. They cry sparkly blue tears. And the best way to drink those tears is, according to the site, on the rocks.