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Michael Phelps Acts Out Your Insane Night

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We’ve all had one of those nights. Things started out simple. There was a plan. But somehow between drinks four and seven things went off script. Suddenly it’s one am and there’s loud music playing. Then you were in someone’s seedy apartment. Then you woke up somewhere you didn’t recognize with a stranger’s name tattooed on your face.

What does this have to do with Michael Phelps? Oh nothing. Except that he’s been sending coded messages throughout the Olympics. From what we can tell he’s trying to warn the world about the dangers of excessive drinking. We challenge you to look at the photos below and tell us otherwise.

You’re late! Everyone’s up on the roof deck.

They have Pappy? Are you kidding me?

Can we get some bottle service over here?

She’s gone man. You gotta let it go.

You don’t need anyone but us, bro.

Wait, what’d you call me?

Aw man, I don’t wanna fight. You’re too funny.

Ooh. That went down the wrong way

That moment when you’re celebrating with your bros and… ulp.

Hoooooold! Hooooold!

Here it comes.

OK, glad that’s over.

I am made of hydrogen. I can bend steel with my mind.

Which way is Bourbon Street? Oh, I’m on Bourbon Street? Thank you.

You guys, you guys. We need food, you guys.

Leprechauns everywhere! What? You don’t see them?

The world is your urinal. You just have to believe it.

We need a cab so bad.

I know it’s daytime. If you talk to me, I will kill your face.

I have no idea where these bruises came from.