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This Tiny Beer Pong Table Is Adorable (and Effective)

Courtesy of Scienz

A full game of beer pong takes up a lot of room, and a game against inexperienced errant shooters can quickly turn into a physical sport as you go running after balls. That all makes the game fine for backyards and not so great for cramped studio apartments or chill living room setups. Mini Beer Pong, a new game from Scienz, on the other hand, has just a 2-foot board and 1-ounce cups, meaning it can be played anywhere—in that closet you call an apartment, on your desk at work against Gary in accounting, on the subway and, most likely, in every dorm room at every college in America.

Conceived by a couple of frat bros after a few rounds at a bar, Mini Bar Pong has shrunk the party staple into an adult board game, complete with Rat Trap-esque contraptions. Instead of flinging your mini pong balls willy nilly, each end of the board is armed with plastic catapults, ready to fire the ball in a graceful arc right into your opponent’s cups, which are conveniently secured in little divots. Don’t worry about chasing down wayward shots either; the balls are ingeniously tethered to the board by strings.

Not only does Mini Beer Pong send the classic drinking game through a Shrinky Dink, but it also classes up the entertainment too, by ritzing out the board with a nice wood finish and custom engraving. Scienz also offers a fold-up travel beer pong set, perfect for long flights and lazy vacation afternoons.

If flip cup is your game, you’re in luck. The all-inclusive bros have developed a tiny version of that game too. Mini Flip Cup comes with mini-cups balanced on similar launching mechanisms, aka “finger flickin' shooters.” With one-ounce pours, you and a single opponent can play a full game from the comfort of your easy chairs—sounds like a romantic evening in, if you ask us.

Downsized entertainment doesn’t come cheap, though. The Mini Pong Deluxe Set retails for $75, while the travel version goes for $35. Mini Flip Cup, meanwhile, can be yours for an even $50. Consider it an investment, since you’ll save plenty of money on stain cleanup and replacement pong balls.