Miranda Lambert Carries Emergency Booze on Her at All Times

You may carry a first aid kit in the back of your car or a spare granola bar in your purse in case of emergency, but one country star is always prepared for a different type of calamity. Grammy award winner Miranda Lambert revealed that she has a bag of booze on hand at all times, just in case things get rough.

“My assistant packs—I call it my nanny bag—she packs a bag of liquor for emergencies, for meltdowns and things like that,” Lambert told Sounds of Nashville. No word as to what specific types of booze go into the “nanny bag,” but as Lambert runs with the country crowd, we’re willing to bet bourbon makes an appearance.

Lambert’s emergency booze stash was recently put to good use when her flight to the American Country Music Awards was cancelled, and she had to drive with her crew to Las Vegas by bus instead.

“I’m like okay, we’re good, I’m golden. We just need a cooler of ice and we’re going,” Lambert said. It went on to be a truly “golden” night: Lambert went on to win album of the year and female vocalist of the year at the awards ceremony.

Since not all of us are lucky enough to have a booze-toting assistant, we’ll just have to carry our own, like this purse that doubles as a flask. That way we’re always prepared when disaster strikes—or when there’s no open bar at a wedding.