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The Ultimate Moscow Mule Bar Just Opened in San Francisco

Moscow Mules seem to be popping up on cocktail menus everywhere these days, with variations diverging into all sorts of new flavor territories and regional twists (think Kentucky Mule and Irish Mule). But even as the classic drink grows in popularity, the Mule family hasn’t received focused attention like our venerated Martinis or Margaritas—until now. The first dedicated Moscow Mule bar has opened in San Francisco.

Rusted Mule plays up the industrial vibe with steampunk art and plenty of red brick, but not every cocktail comes in a copper mug. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the rotating selection of draft Mules includes playful options like the genever-based Oh-Be-Joyful, served in a thermos-like cup; the spicy tequila-based Mula Verde in a terracotta jar; and the Paper Plane-inspired whiskey-based Aeronef in a soup can. The bar’s namesake Mule, which swaps the usual Russian vodka for Dutch Ketel One, drops the Moscow reference altogether.

The on-tap drinks all incorporate house-made ginger syrup in place of the usual ginger beer to make the bar more sustainable, which means no more discarded flat ginger beer. As the Chronicle points out, the Moscow Mule itself was born from resourceful recycling when the creator combined unwanted copper mugs with unpopular ginger beer to create the now-trendy cocktail. While Rusted Mule will surely expand the cocktail’s fame even further, we hope it’ll continue to push people to try new things, especially if it means graduating beyond that ubiquitous copper mug.

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