This Is America’s All-Time Favorite Cocktail

We may be a country divided, but there is finally something we can all support: Margaritas. For the second year in a row, the greatest tequila tipple of all time has been named America’s favorite cocktail.

Nielsen CGA’s “On Premise User Survey” found that 56 percent of females and 44 percent of males named the Margarita as their favorite cocktail. Additionally, the base spirit of choice for 38 percent of drinkers is tequila.

The Manhattan was the second-favorite drink for male drinkers at 24 percent, while the Daiquiri was next in line for 41 percent of female drinkers. As for favorite spirits, flavored vodka just barely trailed tequila with 34 percent of the vote, while regular vodka and light rum tied for America’s third-favorite booze.

If you’re thinking, “Hey wait, wasn’t this award just given to the Old Fashioned?”—not exactly. The Old Fashioned was crowned the most popular drink of 2016, according to quantity of orders. But when it comes to people’s favorite cocktail of all time, the refreshing Margarita reigns supreme.

If you fall in line with America’s cocktail preferences, celebrate by whipping up a round of Margs for all of your friends, or one of these tasty variations. You can even turn your Margarita into a Jello shot, popsicle or lollipop. Margaritas for everyone!