Mountain Dew Is Developing a Hot Sauce & Needs Your Expertise

Tell Mountain Dew what flavors to add, or to call the whole thing off.

If Mountain Dew were a person, it'd be the serial gamer who pours hot sauce onto a bowl of kettle corn for dinner. That's why the beverage company's decision to partner with hot sauce shop iBurn to create a hot sauce is a little less ridiculous than, say, Coca-Cola coming out with a new mayo. 

Mountain Dew wasn't always the beverage for gamers, but the game culture is certainly a major part of its history. The drink serves as a quick sugar and energy fix, and hot sauce serves the similar function of making us feel something different. I cannot possibly imagine how different a Mountain Dew hot sauce would make me feel, but the brand itself seems open to suggestions.

In a Twitter post on September 28, the green giant announced that it was partnering with with NBA player Joel Embiid and iBurn to make a new limited-edition sauce, but that they needed fans' help to decide on the flavor or, in the brand's words in a press release,"bringing fans in on #TheProcess." 

"Four mouth-watering flavor options have been shared on Mountain Dew's social channels for consumers to vote on one winner," it said in the release.

If you're unfamiliar the four flavors listed on the Twitter poll--peri-peri, fatalii, habanero, and datil--know that they're all hot peppers.
The voting ends on September 30, and the winning flavor will be brought to life in a limited-quantity. More on that soon. Happy voting and good luck to all my mild hot sauce lovers!

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