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This Salon Is Offering Mulled Wine Bikini Waxes

Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Forget the in-laws at the airport and don’t bother buying a Christmas tree. This holiday season, treat yourself to something truly special: a seasonal waxing.

According to Time Out, the Ministry of Wax, a popular London salon, is offering Mulled Wine-scented bikini waxes just in time for Christmas. Yes, you read that right, you can groom your nether region while scenting it with everyone’s favorite hot, holiday beverage.

Whether you’re looking to get things hotter than a chestnut roasting over an open fire with your significant other or trying to lure a new holiday treat to warm your winter bed, this cinnamon-spiced option trumps mistletoe.

Starting November 6, the Ministry of Wax will begin taking reservations for the spirited waxing at their five locations throughout the London area. Best of all, first timers get 25 percent off their first waxing. If you are interested, make sure to call the second reservations open—the Ministry of Wax’s website has temporarily crashed due to overuse. And if you can’t get an appointment, console yourself with a delicious and much less painful mug of the real stuff.