The World's Most Instagrammed Cities


First thing on the "to do" list when you land in a new city: Instagram it. Because obviously, if it's not hashtagged on social media, it didn't happen. And as you'd expect, the hierarchy of IG-worthy destinations shakes out like a popularity contest -- but it also provides a few surprises.

Hoppa, a travel and transportation site, just released data on the most Instagrammed cities in the world, and found New York City coming in first, followed by London in second and Paris in third. After all, you probably have a picture of either Time Square, Big Ben, or the Eiffel Tower on your Instagram feed right now. If you have all three, congrats. You win no prize.

Fun fact noted in the study: "There are around 150,000 Instagram photos posted in New York City per day." That's one photo for every 56 people. Which doesn't sound crazy, until you consider that 200 years ago, there were no Instagram photos taken per day in New York City. Think about it.

Check out the top 10 most Instagrammed cities below, and please stop taking photos of Times Square. It's terrible.

10. Moscow


A photo posted by @sebastianmatthias29 on

9. Barcelona


A photo posted by Vladislav Yasko (@vlad_yasko) on

8. Las Vegas


A photo posted by Las Vegas (@vegas) on

7. Miami


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6. Istanbul


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5. Los Angeles

4. Dubai

3. Paris


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2. London

1. New York City


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