Thrillist Is Hosting an Insane 100 Course Meal in LA and You're Invited

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If you're anything like us, on a normal weeknight you might enjoy a three-course meal of delivery fried wontons, followed by lo mein, followed by a few spoonfuls out of that pint of ice cream you've been working on since Sunday. You treat yourself to a fancy, five-course meal from time to time for special occasions. That said, a 10-course meal sounds preposterous -- let alone a 100-course meal. That's impossible, right? Well, not exactly, thanks to the culinary madness of Thrillist.

Because our love of food and drink knows no end, Thrillist is hosting a spectacular dining event, featuring a series of courses and food experiences with nearly no end. It's called 100 Course Meal and it's all going down on three nights -- December 6-8 -- at Hudson Loft in downtown Los Angeles. The interactive eating adventure merges theatrics, technique, and flavor. You won't just get a great dinner, you'll disappear into a multi-sensory experience throughout the stunning, 7,000sqft space.

The centerpiece of 100 Course Meal is a massive, seemingly endless table, where each seating of 100 guests will take in the highly choreographed delivery of 100 dishes (we're really into the number 100, guys). Everyone at the table will get to enjoy 10 dishes curated by some of the city’s top culinary talent, such as Bub & Grandma’s Bread, Coolhaus, Dune, Future Gin, Homestate, Konbi (on Thrillist's 33 Best Sandwich Shops in America list), Jewel, LAMILL Coffee, Ms. Chi, Phorage, SLAB, Tacklebox and The h.wood group. There will also be table-side preparations, like Lawry’s spinning Caesar salad and even traditional dim sum. It’s basically dinner, more dinner, even more dinner, and a show.

But the eating and drinking certainly won't end there. You'll also get to wander through the huge space and check out a culinary lab, which will reveal the future of food and drink through demos on things like molecular gastronomy and bartender drones that stir your drinks mid-air. You’ll get to check out a high-tech food laser and snack on popcorn ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Don’t just come hungry. Come with a sense of adventure.

“At Thrillist we are always trying to push the limits of traditional dining to create one of a kind food experiences that elevate the senses,“ said Ocean MacAdams, president of Thrillist, in a statement.

The mastermind behind 100 Course Meal is Michael Cirino, the creative and hospitality genius behind A Razor/A Shiny Knife dining experiences that have sold out all around the world for more than 15 years. But enough with all the buzzwords. With Thrillist teamed up with Cirino, you're in for a memorable meal and helluva time -- unlike anything you've experienced before. Tickets, which will also include unlimited beer, wine, and cocktails, will set you back $100 apiece and are available right here.

Yes, your usual Chinese food delivery is -- if you think about it this way -- a multi-course meal that's always good. But you can get that any time. This is your chance to experience the 100 Course Meal.

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