Knife Heated to 1,000 Degrees Destroys a Pack of Crayons

There's a lot of pleasure to be derived from watching a pyromaniac experiment with a blowtorch, especially when it's from a safe distance. MrGear is here to indulge you and reveal what happens when a superheated knife is plunged into everyday objects.

In a new video from the mad scientists at the MrGear YouTube channel, they're plunging that crazy hot knife through lotion, a pack of cigarettes, and a stack of colorful sponges. But the best part is quite easily when the knife takes a stab at a pack of crayons. 

Of course, the crayons melt, creating a visually dazzling slurry of melted wax puddling on the cutting board. At least, it's dazzling until they're all mixed together and a bit burnt. Then it's just kind of a big dirty mess. But it's worth a glimpse for that moment. 

The channel claims the knife is heated to 1,000 degrees (Fahrenheit, presumptively), which is why it slices so effortlessly through sponges. While there's no way to verify that, it's possible since the melting point of steel is north of 2,500 (2,750 for stainless steel). 

Like when those guys dipped an iPhone in molten metal, it's strangely satisfying, even if it's pointless.

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