A 106-Year-Old Woman Credits McDonald's with Helping Her Live so Long

The secret to living past 100? Big Macs, baby.


The goal, for most people, is to live a long and healthy life. In fact, people all over the world go to great lengths to make that a reality, by eating well, staying hydrated, exercising, and searching for some sort of fountain of youth.

According to a 106-year-old woman, though, these people might be missing out on what she believes is the key to longevity.

Dorothy Nedd, a South Philadelphia centenarian, let Fox 29 in on the secret to living beyond 100 years old: Big Macs.

Zulema Nedd, her granddaughter, told the outlet that she and her grandma hit the McDonald's drive-thru often. She added that Dorothy has had an affinity for the iconic burger for years.

"Grandma always used to take me to church. And then after church, we would sometimes go to the McDonald's, and my grandma got a Big Mac. She was getting Big Macs for a long time," Zulema recalled.

Zulema now takes care of Dorothy, though she admittedly doesn't need much caring for—even at her advanced age. The pandemic, however, has been hard on her.

"Our family would come over every Friday until the pandemic happened. We're no longer doing that, so it's just FaceTime, and they miss her, but nobody wants to jeopardize her," the doting granddaughter said. 

Dorothy celebrated her 106th birthday last week. She had one major wish for her big day: "Sweet living!"

That and maybe a Big Mac.

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