108-Year-Old Woman Says Champagne Is the Key to Long Life


While you're off chugging green juice and pounding kale chips like they're real chips, I'll be over here drinking champagne. Because according to Dorothy Flowers, a lively and thriving 108-year-old, bubbly is the key to a long life

Flowers, who resides at the Bupa Southlands nursing home in northern England, celebrated the big 1-0-8 with a bottle of Moët, aka her go-to, on October 22. "Dorothy loves company, so she'll sit with us at the reception desk each day," Resident Experience Manager Helene Ballinger told Metro. "Her real secret for longevity though has to be champagne. It's the only thing we ever see her finish a glass of. Needless to say, we've been toasting her birthday."

Although she now struggles to speak, that hasn't kept her from charming everyone -- even fans across the world.

"While she's very independent, she's always been happiest when surrounded by others," her niece, Judith Barrett added. The outlet reports that Flowers received a flood of cards (nearly 700!) and plenty of goodies like gin, flowers, chocolates, and naturally, champagne.

"I'm lucky to have made many happy memories during my life and -- even at 108 -- I'm still making more," Flowers reportedly said with assistance from her caretaker.

She's also not the first person to have such a... creative theory for her longevity. In 2017, a 109-year-old named Ruth Benjamin swore up and down that bacon was, in fact, the answer. So I guess I'll just incorporate both into my diet?

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