This 18th Century Fried Chicken Recipe Actually Looks Good

The James Townsend and Son YouTube channel is full of information about the 18th century like what historical bedding was like, how to make barley gruel, and proper hat care in the 1700s. Of more practical importance right now is that Townsend (sans Son) cooked up some fried chicken a la 18th century and it looks kind of fantastic. 

In the video above, he shares an Old English recipe from 1736 that involves a malt vinegar and lemon marinade, seasoned with cloves, bay leaves, and green onions. Then you're dropping the bird in a pretty basic batter made of flour, white wine, and egg yolks.

Next if you're going to go full OG on your bird, you're deep frying it in an iron pot over an open fire. Finally, because Townsend is the Emeril of King George II's England, the dish calls for deep frying parsley and garnishing. Bam.