This 2000-Degree Cleaver Smashing a Lighter Is Intense and Beautiful

Hot knives and explosions are all the rage on the corner of YouTube run by the minds and viewing habits of testosterone-laden young men. But Warped Perception does a nice job taking it to the next level.

They not only provide beautiful HD footage, they care a bit about the science of the video and provide a heating chart to help assuage your fears of being tricked by the internet's claims of 2000-degree knives, 3000-degree egg cutters, and 6000-degree harmonicas. (Maybe just that first one.)

The maniacs behind Warped Perception use a blow torch to warm up a cleaver to Nelly levels of heat. Then they bring it down on a lighter. The results are destructive and beautiful. (See how it dents the cleaver?!)

On the second attempt, the cleaver cracks the lighter open and the lighter fluid squirts wildly into the air. When it hits the superheated cleaver, flames erupt everywhere and it's wonderful. 

The scene is reminiscent of the heated knife mounted on a rocket, though the results here are far more striking. If you need more, they've also got some outtakes from this episode that include slicing through a bottle of hand sanitizer

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