Watch Tonight's VP Debate With These Kittens and They'll Tell You Who Won

The first and only Vice Presidential Debate is scheduled for Tuesday night. As always, the policy discussions and exchange of ideas are hugely important, but any debate between vice presidential candidates tends to generate less enthusiasm than the main event. That's especially true in a campaign with some yuge personalities running for president and comparably milquetoast companions on the undercard. 

But The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is going to spice things up with a live focus group. The sentence makes zero sense until the reveal that the focus group is comprised entirely of kittens."People don't know much about the VP candidates, but nobody knows less than these 10 kittens," their promo promises. Since so many promises are being thrown around, note that the statement has been fact-checked and it's entirely true.

The focus group is put together in partnership with North Shore Animal League and will be streamed live on Facebook throughout the debate, which starts at 9pm ET. That stream will be followed by a live broadcast of The Late Show on TV.

Worst case scenario, if the debate becomes frustrating you can flip over to kittens playing with a ball of yarn and have your soul soothed.

I wonder what's in store for the next presidential debate!

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