Here Are the Countries That Won the Most Medals at the Beijing Olympics

After over two weeks of intense international competition, here’s who came out on top.


The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have ended after over two weeks of some dramatic, inspiring, and comedic moments. The medals given out during these games were are made up of five rings and a center and are called "Tong Xin," which means "together as one."

Unlike during the summer games in Tokyo just last year, the top gold medal winner of the winter games is not the most expected. Instead, the biggest gold medal winner of the 2022 Olympics is Norway. Overall, the nation took home significantly more medals than its competitors. Here's the breakdown of the five countries that won the biggest.

1. Norway

Gold: 16
Silver: 8
Bronze: 13
Total: 37

2. Russian Olympic Committee (ROC)

Gold: 6
Silver: 12
Bronze: 14
Total: 32

3. Germany

Gold: 12
Silver: 10
Bronze: 5
Total: 27

4. Canada

Gold: 4
Silver: 8
Bronze: 14
Total: 26

5. United States

Gold: 8
Silver: 10
Bronze: 7
Total: 25

When it came to which countries won the most medals overall, Norway came in first. The Russian Olympic Committee (the unofficial team representing Russia's athletes) came in second with 32 medals. In third place was Germany, with 27 medals. Canada was next with 26 medals, and the US trailed behind with 25 medals.

You can check out the official Olympics tally, which lets you sort the results based on which team's standing you're looking for, for more information. 

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