This 254-Cheese Pizza Broke a Guinness World Record

Just more proof that France takes its cheese seriously.

The 254-cheese pizza that won a Guinness World Record
Courtesy of Guinness World Records
Courtesy of Guinness World Records

Earlier this year, French chef Benoît Bruel cooked up a pizza so cheesy that it broke a Guinness World Record.

Bruel's cheese pizza now holds the record for most varieties of cheese on a pizza—it was made with 254 different kinds of cheese in Lyon, France.

How does someone fit that much cheese on a regularly sized pie? Very methodically. Bruel weighed each variety of cheese to make sure that there was enough of all 254 kinds to qualify, but not so much of each that he'd run out of space.

The final product looks incredibly cheesy, but surprisingly edible. Bruel told Guinness that because France is known for its cheeses, he felt it was important that they claim this world record.

Watch Guinness's video of Bruel at work to witness the historic moment.

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