Watch This 4-Year-Old Ninja Hang Onto a Flying Door In a Heavy Windstorm

When you’re an excessively small person, heavy gusts of wind can pose a serious threat to your safety. Four-year-old Madison Gardner discovered this the hard way earlier this week, when a windstorm in her town of Lyndhurst, Ohio literally carried her away as she opened the door to her family’s home.

Being a nimble preschooler, Gardner was able to grab hold of the door before flying off into the distance. Her cat-like reflexes render her something of a baby-ninja. Someone get this kid into a gymnastics class:

Gardner’s parents were clever enough to set the footage to Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me,” a song that’s probably never been more appropriate. Madison’s mom, Brittany Gardner, told a local Fox affiliate: "She is totally OK...She was scared at first, then was laughing away at it. She held on until I took her off the handle."

Here’s to you Madison, and your dogged determination to hold on, even in the face of extreme difficulty.