This Helicopter Video of All the Illegal Fireworks Exploding Over L.A. Is Insane

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made a heartfelt plea to his citizens earlier this week: Please knock it off with the illegal fireworks. To illustrate his point, he blew up a watermelon using an explosive that he explained was only the size of a stick of gum. The problem was that it looked super sweet, so everyone made fun of him on Twitter and, if the video above is any indication, launched a bunch of fireworks anyway.

The insane footage comes from NBC4's news chopper. We recommend watching it with the sound on. You can't hear the fireworks very well, but since the video is sped up, the chatter in it is pitched-up, and that, as you know, is objectively, timelessly funny. But it's also quite a show, and we can guarantee that you will ooo -- possibly even ahhh.

You may feel a little conflicted about this considering that fireworks are illegal in Los Angeles, but some of these were definitely shot off by professionals. And if you're not really an explosions person, you may be interested in this chicken playing the National Anthem with its beak instead.

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