We Can No Longer Be Trusted With '420' & '69' Road Signs, so These Exist Now

The problem with jokes about the numbers 69 and 420 isn't that they're juvenile. It's that, no matter how juvenile they are, they'll never stop being hilarious. We're sorry, we don't make the rules. The other problem is that you can't put them on signs anymore.

For instance, the Washington Department of Transportation has elected to forgo using a "Mile 69" marker and will instead use a "68.9" marker in certain locations, KREM reports. This one pictured above is located off US-195 north of Rosalia in Washington, if you'd like to make a pilgrimage.

“Depending on location and what was taken, we can replace the sign or, at times, leave one blank -- so there would be a 419 and 421 mile-marker but not a 420,” Department of Transportation spokeswoman Beth Bousley explained to the Seatle Times. “In addition, we’ve created other signs -- 419.9 and 68.9 -- so they still give drivers location information without being a popular number to steal.”

Officials stress that while this is, you know, objectively hysterical (they might not phrase it like that), it's less funny when you consider the consequences. For instance, a missing sign makes it harder for people to navigate rural areas, could mean a $1,000 cost to taxpayers to replace the sign, and, if you're caught doing it, might lead to 90 days in jail or a $1,000 fine, in the state of Washington at least. Colorado has reportedly had similar problems.

“I know that it’s going on,” Patrol spokesman Trooper Rick Johnson explained to the Seattle Times, “and I guess I can understand it on a juvenile level, but it’s not necessarily funny when you take into account the issues it causes.”

While this seems like a pretty good fix, the only sign funnier than a Mile 69 sign is a Mile 68.9 sign.

h/t Seatle Times, KREM, Mashable

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