7-Eleven's New Service Offers Free Slurpees & Free Delivery

You can now subscribe to a delivery service from 7-Eleven and get free delivery and other perks.

7-eleven subscription
Photo courtesy of 7-Eleven
Photo courtesy of 7-Eleven

The last couple of years have made everyone pretty comfortable having just about anything you buy delivered straight to your door. That, of course, has led companies to find more and more ways to get you to spend money with them, which has led to monthly subscriptions that allow you to bypass the sometimes exorbitant delivery fees. 

7-Eleven is joining those ranks with its new 7NOW Gold Pass. It'll run you $5.95 a month to join. It's yet another subscription you have to manage with your Prime and Netflix and so on. (Which could mean another to forget about...) But if you order from the convenience store at least three times a month, it'll pay for itself just in waived delivery fees. 

You can join through the 7NOW app, where you order 7-Eleven products right to your door. For the launch, it's offering a free trial like any good streaming service. You'll get 14 days of free deliveries to try it out. 

The Gold Pass gets you more than free deliveries, though. If you have at least $10 in your cart when you order, you'll get perks like the option to add a small Slurpee onto the order for free. Also, if you're a 7Rewards member, which you probably are if you're buying a subscription to 7-Eleven deliveries, you'll get double points as a Gold Pass member.

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