Man Creates 80-Foot Bullwhip and Instantly Becomes a Cautionary Tale

Published On 02/15/2017 Published On 02/15/2017

The internet is littered with backyard scientists lighting things on fire, duct-taping projectiles to fireworks, throwing household objects into a lawn mower, and other bad ideas better left to... well, probably no one. For instance, it's totally unnecessary for anyone to throw their Christmas ornaments into the spinning blades of a lawn mower

This 80-foot bullwhip fits right in that pile. This 80-foot bullwhip is a bad idea. Don't make one. Don't buy one. It has no known use other than accidentally whipping yourself. In retrospect, it was inevitable that the host, Bryan Ropar, suffered a wound at the hands of his comically oversized whip.

You might think, well, how much does Bryan Ropar know about whips, though? Would Indiana Jones have drawn his own blood?

Yeah, he probably would. Ropar is a prolific YouTuber with many channels including one dedicated to his plastic chair collection and one specifically dedicated to "bullwhips, knives, axes, bows, and rifles." (That's a different channel than where the above video comes from. That channel appears to be dedicated to backyard experiments he builds but rarely shows in action.)

Watching a few bullwhip instructionals, it becomes apparent that he knows what he's doing (or he's doing some tricky editing). Either way, he's not unfamiliar with cracking bullwhips and you should probably steer clear of a monstrous one like this. As Ropar says, "That is by far one of the stupidest things I've ever done in my life. I think I was muscling it way too hard."

h/t Deadspin

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