81% of People Demanding Fyre Festival Refunds Would Go Again Next Year

fyre festival carnage
Fyre Festival

Considering what an unmitigated disaster the first annual Fyre Festival turned out to be, you might expect its beleaguered attendees -- many of whom are currently suing the organizers to recoup the millions of dollars they shelled out to go -- would steer clear of any future events associated with the company that produced it. But you'd be dead wrong, because according to the 25-year-old CEO of Fyre Media, who organized (and eventually cancelled) the whole mess, 81% of people currently requesting refunds say they'd be down to attend Fyre Festival 2018. 

Yep. In an interview with Rolling Stone, organizer Billy McFarland claims that more than two-thirds of the attendees of the festival -- which was billed as a luxurious getaway on a private island but descended into a wasteland of frenzied confusion almost as soon as guests arrived -- would be down to go again next year. "Currently 81% of guests who have filled out the refund application have said they would like to attend Fyre Festival 2018. We are so thankful for their support and excitement as we strive to make this right," he said.

However, it's tough to imagine there will even be a Fyre Festival 2018, considering organizers are currently facingthree differentlawsuits, accusing them of everything from fraud to violating US trade rules. It's also tough to imagine why the hell anyone who endured the ill-fated tropical event would want to give it another go, after the people who organized it not only admitted they had no idea what they were doing, but also recognized what a complete and utter disaster it would be that they told staff to not even bother showing up. Perhaps they secretly enjoyed the low-budget cheese sammies, wind-wrecked accommodations, and getting locked inside the airport

One thing's clear: it's going to take a whole lot more than a revamped buzzwordy pitch deck to convince anyone -- let alone the type of A-list models it paid to promote the inaugural fest -- to stake their money or reputation on another one. 


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