Insane Daredevil Leaps from Dizzying Height Into Tiny Swimming Pool

Published On 11/18/2016 Published On 11/18/2016

Notorious YouTuber 8Booth just can’t stop jumping from perilous heights into swimming pools and ocean harbors. After getting arrested for trespassing last month, the daredevil is back to his normal antics, making stunt videos that go viral.

And apparently he’s on the lam in Mexico, where he’s surely giving security personnel and law enforcement a headache. His latest maneuver follows a familiar trend: 8Booth scales the side of a building, surveys the mind-numbing landscape of concrete below, and then leaps. As expected, he plunges into a pool and skirts grievous bodily harm. His buddy also follows him, and the duo share a bro-embrace in the pool as 8Booth calls the stunt “dope.” Yeah dude, that was indeed super chill. 

But that display of dopeness didn’t even satisfy 8Booth, whose real name is Anthony Booth Armer. The daredevil posted another jump-video taken at a Mexican hotel yesterday, but took the danger up a notch by leaping from a roof in the dark. Again, 8Booth defied the laws of reason by hitting his target, because he is a consummate professional who is probably immortal.

8Booth rose to internet celebrity after his sweat-inducing videos gained traction online. For more examples, see his terrifying jump from 130 ft into California’s Newport Harbor, or his descent from a rocky ocean cliff into the choppy waters beneath.

And enjoy the videos while they last, as it’s probably just a matter of time before 8Booth has to post bail again.

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