Watch a 60,000 PSI Water Jet Slice Clean Through a Gas Motor

Water jets are powerful. So powerful, in fact, that with enough pressure, a stream of H2O can slice clean through a gas motor. Or a car battery. Or a Shake Weight. Or anything, really.

The bon vivants behind the WaterJet channel on YouTube have carved out quite a niche destroying things with a water hose. Using a water jet that catapults a stream at 60,000 PSI, these dudes have decimated more than a few pieces of hardware. Don’t let them anywhere near your dad’s shed.

In this video, a water jet takes to a small, gas motor, and it doesn’t even take long cut the thing in half. Astonishingly, none of the motor’s internal mechanisms are really damaged (apart from being hacked into pieces). The guys then pry open the motor, demonstrating just how finely wrought that 60,000 PSI stream was.

The video’s description lists a PO Box that you can send an item to. That’s just a germ of an idea in case your enemies have any prized lawn mowers or leaf blowers lying around. Not that we’re promoting theft or anything.

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