The Infamous Leg Lamp Now Comes with a Beer Dispenser

Miller High Life made a boozy update to the iconic piece of seasonal decor.

The leg lamp from A Christmas Story probably didn't realize it would become the uniquely sultry icon for the winter holiday. However, 39 years later, a stockinged leg is nearly as synonymous with Christmas as Santa Claus. Miller High Life is taking that legacy one step further by making a leg lamp that dispenses beer.

The new design will feature the leg from the Girl in the Moon design that has been featured on the bottle for more than 100 years. The leg will stand 3.5 feet tall and dispense a six-pack of beer. The light will be battery-operated so that you can display the lamp anywhere you like.

Courtesy of Miller High Life

The lamp will also include a very familiar looking Fragile! Box, meaning you can get the full effect of the vintage leg lamp. Hopefully, the sight of such a lamp will inspire one of your neighbors to say, "It's indescribably beautiful! It reminds me of the Fourth of July!"

If you want your own beer-dispensing leg lamp, mark your calendar for December 9. Miller High Life will release the lamp just once, at 9 am CST. To make sure you don't miss the drop, mark your calendar and bookmark the listing for the lamp.

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