Well, Now There's a Stubhub for Reselling Your Window Seat

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There're window seat people and aisle seat people, but there are no middle seat people. And now, whatever your preferred airline seat, there's an app that'll let you buy and sell your spot on the plane, kind of like Stubhub. As if planes and fees weren't already enough to think about.

Seateroo is a new app which will be free to download in January. Basically, it lets flyers swap their seats with other passengers, in a way that does not involve lying and covering up the letter on your boarding pass. You'll be able to view the Seateroo marketplace, see if your preferred seat is available, and then make the seat holder a bid. A minimum of $5 must be offered for each seat, and Seateroo takes a 15% cut of the money coming in. 

Now, this doesn't mean that you're swapping boarding passes. You can't do that. All it means is that you can go ahead and sit in your new seat when you board the plane.

For airlines like Southwest that don't offer assigned seats, the process works a little differently. If you get in an early boarding group, you can set up an order to sell your seat before boarding. Then once you know exactly where you're sitting, you can complete the transaction. 

Something about this process sounds like airlines won't really let this happen. But hey, for now, it's a thing.

Check out the details here. Then you can plan out how to become the kingpin of seat swapping/the biggest jerk on the plane in preparation for the app's release.

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