M&M's Newest Flavor Sounds Delicious

Courtesy of M&M's

Throughout its 75-year history of famously not melting in America's hands, M&M's has launched several spinoff flavors of the classic milk chocolate candy like Peanut M&Ms, Pretzel M&M's, and even those strange Crispy M&M's you probably ate in middle school. But now, the company said it's gearing up to launch the "biggest" new flavor in its long history: Caramel M&M's

M&M's parents company, Mars, announced this week that the new Caramel M&M's will hit candy aisle, gas station, and other store shelves starting in May of 2017. Perhaps most importantly, the new caramel flavor isn't just some limited edition or seasonal offering, but rather a permanent addition to the candy brand's lineup, according to a spokesperson. This makes perfect sense, considering wide popularity of caramel and how insanely good it tastes when combined with milk chocolate.

Basically, the new M&M's feature a caramel core instead of being filled with just milk chocolate. Here's how the company describes what they're like: 

"The innovative treat features a creamy caramel center covered in delicious milk chocolate, enclosed in a colorful candy shell, which offers the ultimate combination of flavors in every bite-sized piece," M&M's said in a press release. "This new item will have mass appeal as nostalgic and comforting, as caramel is both traditional and trendy."

We're not exactly sure if caramel can be described as "trendy," but the sugary stuff is certainly delicious. And in a chocolate-covered pop-able form, they're probably dangerously good.

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