Stephen Colbert and Adam Driver Hilariously Acted Out 'Star Wars' With Dolls

Maybe you've avoided spoilers for the new Star Wars movie, maybe you've already seen it, maybe you think you're too cool for big spaceships shooting big space guns -- in any case, you've never seen Star Wars quite like this.

Adam Driver, aka Kylo Ren, stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week to do press for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They chatted a little awkwardly -- brilliant actors are not necessarily brilliant small-talkers -- and Colbert razzed him for dressing like Kylo Ren. They marveled over Driver's shoes. It was pleasant enough. But when it came time to show a clip from the movie, it was revealed that there was no clip, so they'd have to make due. And make due they did, by playing dolls.

Colbert played Rey and Driver played Kylo as Colbert unsuccessfully tried to coax a reveal of Rey's parents out of Driver. Driver dodged this by making Kylo take a bathroom break. Then there was some good old-fashioned doll smooching. All in all, not bad for improv.

The rest of the interview is also worth a watch, particularly when Driver gets a little existential after Colbert asks if he sees himself as the hero of his own story. He explains that he feels like he's barely hanging on, grins charmingly, and the two of them shake hands.

It's not exactly a new Star Wars movie, but lucky for you, there is a new Star Wars movie, so win-win.

h/t io9

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